Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday's Tracks 002

This week's Tuesday's Tracks! Woop!

Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! At The Disco
Last Christmas - Taylor Swift (yes I know its AUGUST)
Who's Laughing Now - Jessie J
Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga
Forget My Name - One Night Only

Need to say a major thanks to y'all as I've had so many comments and three followers in one week! Love y'all almost as much as I love my (future) hubby... he he... Planning on posting tomorrow, maybe a makeup review. Got an August Haul planned so taking pics for that at the moment.. Really fancying picking up a bikini for next summer, any suggestions?? (links please) Passport came yesterday, which will last til I'm nearly 27 which is slightly freaking me out.  Missing all my friends from camp so much, wishing I could go to New York to visit some of them... :( Oh the shopping in New York as well, another reason to go... hmmm... christmas pressie maybee??


Elly said...

loveeeee ballad of mona lisa and one night only:) you have great taste! xo

Taryn said...

This list is so random but I kind of love it :)

Eloise said...

great songs, especially Panic at the disco, love their first album

Lidiya said...

I adore all of these songs <3

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Love your selection! x hivenn

Spence. said...

Gota love a bit of Panic! ;)

Alison said...

lovee Panic but haven't heard that song so will have to check it out!

<3 Alison

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to listen more to painc, i feel about 15 again haha! They've got some catchy tunes though :P

Stefany said...

I've been looking for some new music! Will check these out. Thanks :)