Friday, 19 August 2011

The Thrills of Being Sixteen

So today is Friday, well done Captain Obvious, which means my first week (okay 3 days) of school are over!! Longest three days ever but now on a Friday my school finishes at ten past one! This means that now at forty two minutes past five I have finished all my homework!

I look thrilled right?? (in a spanish uni hoodie btw)

And know you know why...

My lovely chemistry homework, such fun already.. I hope you picked up on my sarcasm there! ^^ On a lighter note I managed to score One Night Only tickets, so freaking hyper! Eeep!! Just started reading One Day by David Nicholls (you can see it sitting on my awesome IKEA desk above, serious IKEA addiction alert)! All I have to say is that it is AMAZING! Reading it makes me want to travel after uni so much, not before as I dont want to take a gap year but definitely after! The World is my freaking oyster...

Hoping to do a fashion/beauty post tomorrow so see y'all then


Anonymous said...

Lool, I agree, isn't chemistry homework so fun! ;D atleast you've finished your homework though, my school begins in a few weeks and I haven't even started on mine. So depressing :)

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog yesterday by the way too. It's great to have feedback on my posts :D


The Desert Fox said...

Oh gotta love IKEA, and enjoy your years in school, they might be a pain but they are the best too :)

RainCooper said...

I read one day while i was traveling. Its so cute. X

Paranoik Paprika said...

Hi! sweet photos! em... don't know what to say! well its everything cool blog!