Wednesday, 7 September 2011

OOTD (kinda, sort of)

Okay this ain't a proper OOTD but due to weather constraints I ended up wearing my first OOTD with a couple of changes, god I hate rain! Wearing an amazing scarf from a Spanish boutique near my Grandparents in Malaga and a Cardie from Dorothy Perkins. Btw my scraf kept on trying to blow away while I was at the open day, very blusterly! But I loved the uni, not gonna say which cause otherwise some rather creepy people could try and find me as I live relatively near there... #paranoidorwhat

Still feeling rather crap, so my lovely mum got me a Starbucks (caramel macchiato with WHIPPED CREAM) as we walked from one of the halls back to the centre of the campus, seeing how long it would take... I have to say scrummy!! Coffee is the way to my heart, I have to admit that.. oh and music... So any musicians who can make a good coffee, look me up ;) Speaking of insanely talented/gorge musicians, watch this video!!


Mary and Dyer said...

Pretty scarf! It has been raining for days here too so I feel your pain!

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Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

You're so pretty. x hivenn

Emily said...

Lovely scarf. Glad you liked the uni too, wherever it is!!xx

Wida said...

I hate rain as well!

Great video :)

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hennaaah:) said...

I love your blog! Your so pretty, and have really interesting beautiful outfits! Your hair is gorgeous! i love love love this song! You ave good taste!
Please follow me if you have time, i'm also following you, i'll be back for more posts! :D xx

Hennah -